Thursday, February 3, 2011

Your way to a healthy, great looking hair!

Wondering if you can have a healthy looking hair like Ashwariya Rai?

Well, indians are known for good hair, so its normal for her to have perfect looking hair! But, i found some great tips that can help everyone of you out there with your hair care and how to make you hair look healthier and greater!!

I personally struggle alot with my hair, because i need some more volume in it, i need it to look shinier and healthier. So i will try my hardest to follow these tips too, (some of them i already do and i will tell you what i do with my hair at the end of this post) but lets start with the more important ones:

1) Get Rid Of Split Ends.

Dead ends and split ends will prevent your hair from growing healthily. These ends should be trimmed regularly, it is good to trim them every 6 months.

2) treat Dandruff (if you have any)

Head and shoulders ads always encourage you to get rid of any dandruff that you might have. Thankfully, dandruff is not a problem for me, but it may be for some of you out there! get red of it, that should be the number one step to a better looking and healthy hair.

3) Choose a good quality brush! 

A bad quality brush will lead you to a road to bad hair, and will make your hair fall and all that, so you should fetch yourself a good quality hairbrush .

4) Brush Your Hair Before Washing

Brushing your hair before washing will loosen dead cells, which means its easier for them to be washed away when washing your hair. BUT, do not brush your hair while it is wet, because this will cause your hair to fall.

5) Never Use Hotter Than A Medium Heat When Blow- Drying

Too much heat from blow drying is a very bad step! You shouldnt go any more than medium, and after blow drying you should let your hair experience a cold breeze, this will close the cuticles – when cuticles lie flat, hair reflects the light and looks healthier and shiner.

6) So it's time for me tell you MY routine!

Well, i have been trying to get longer hair for a long time!! and i found out that the best routine is to Braid your hair before going to bed.

At first i thought that this was just a myth, but i tried it because it felt comfortable to sleep with, and my hair did get longer in a shorter time! I also used the herbal Essenses shampoo for lenghening the hair;

This shampoo gives you beautiful ends and longer hair. Mine already finished so i better go and buy another one, i now started using dove which is the one that makes your hair fall less. But i am planning on going back to herbal essenses.

Another last thing that i do, is when brushing my hair at night, before braiding it, i tend to brush it backwards, as demonstrated below:

I believe that brushing your hair like this really  helps, bcause i read somewhere (I think that if you brush your hair this way, it tends to gain more volume because it somehow stimulates something in your scalp.

Oh, and i almost forgot, you shouldnt wash your hair too much, because it dries it out and makes it look not shiny! You should wash it and keep it clean, just not too much!!

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