Sunday, February 28, 2010

I could cry

Tears of gold and ecstacy.

I'm totally gonna get to meet (one of) my idol(s)!!!!
Daniel mothafuckin' Clowes is gonna be there this year.
What item do I get signed!?
One of my Lloyd Llewellyn's? Ghost World? My Enid doll?
I don't even know where to begin!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


To my Beloved Blog,
You haven't been looked after lately. It's been a while, but I know you're still here. I didn't mean to make you feel cheap, you mean the world to me. You deserve better. So I'll try.

Some things of visual interest:

My boyfriend Rory Dean's awesome website

He has a show coming up in July with Joe Becker, and they are going to blow your fucking mind.

Some cool animations I've come across recently:
This animation for "Tweak Bird"... No idea who the hell that is, and I don't really like the music, but I like the animation.
These ads for Chegg. I guess I like these because they look like something I see myself making, haha.

This article for Vanity Fair about women working for Disney during its 'golden age'.

I would also like to take the time to write a short rant.
Sleepaway Camp has been one of my favourite movies since I discovered it many years ago. And yes it has everything to do with the ending. It's fucking hilarious. However, in any other circumstance I can't FUCKING STAND those kinds of endings.
Two books I recently read, The Wasp Factory and Confessions of a Wallflower pulled that crap on me! Can I just say how infuriating it is when I invest time reading a book, re-reading passages, enjoying a character, only to find out that the punch-line is "I was diddled by my aunt and it's given me sleepwalking depression" or "the dog never bit off my penis as a young boy, I'm actually a girl, and my dad's a fucking weirdo." COME ON.

And while I'm on the subject of complaining, I waited for Legion, knowing it would be probably something like an episode of Supernatural, but I still had hopes for it. There were some good scenes, it had some of the ingredients right, but what the hell was the point of it? To make sure a baby is born, for... what reason? We never know! And when the baby is born, so what?
Daybreakers was also kind of a disappointment. It was definitely entertaining and the death scenes were SWEET, but the characters that I was really interested in - the Sam Neill character and his daughter, weren't in it enough.

House of the Devil comes out on DVD February 23rd. Buy it for me.

I'll update shit from my sketchbook this week.