Monday, January 31, 2011

My favorite SAG 2011 awards looks!

my key board is not working, and im using an on screen key board!
so i cant write alot! soooo, here are my favorites;

Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

Lea Michelle

Lea Michele

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lamborghini on Two Wheels (14 pics)

Of the most famous giants, perhaps, the only BMW happy with their creations the two-wheel fans transport. In turn, Audi, which owns the eminent Italian brand Lamborghini, flatly refuses to produce anything other than bicycles, pens, bags, safes and coffee makers. Oh yes, they More cars are doing.

Although officially there is no motorcycle manufactured by Lamborghini, Alex Papas, an expert in customized motorcycles of all kinds is the creator of this spectacular specimen.

This creation of popes, and prepared based on a chopper, has a strong structure, as well as their fenders, painted in the familiar yellow pearl, the Lamborghini Gallardo. As if there were any doubt about it, next to the engine has a tab with Italian logo. Motor has an S & S Super Sidewinder with a six gears and a bearing customizable thanks to the adjustable suspension. This gem is priced at $ 75,000.

For example, a bike from Lamborghini. Italians have always been leaders in the continental motoprome, so It is logical that car company can easily create something interesting and on two wheels. However, Lambotsykl was built in Toulouse, Frantsyya by Boxer Bikes. Sportbike with a sound aerodynamics, different components (liter engine from Kawasaki) and design from the Countach in Since its debut in 1986, was worth twice the price of the coolest-cycles of the time. But this only reinforces the image of bike-evaluation with 130 hp 170 kilogram. Total was created 5 or 6 copies, which are now estimated at $ 70 thousand each!

So, this does not prevent the designers dream. Especially when it's designers with the name, but not sometimes a third-sober students. It is the first and inhabit the world-famous studio Bertone. "The ringleaders" of this company - Ch. designer Marcello Gandini and chief engineer Flavio Adriani very interested in the idea of creating a two-wheeled "Lambo", and after some time working in the program 3D Max, showed the world his creation with a straightforward name LamboBiker.

As pictured, Bike is created under the influence of forms of world famous Miura (stylish smooth lines and curves), as well as ideas Franco Sbarro (axle-free wheel). Unlike the bike Hubless Monster, the rear wheel is operated without the aid of the chain. If Amen Design and Engineering put on your motorcycle chain that stretched across the rim of the rear wheel, and covered decorative panels, the version of the Bertone is radically different. The fact that the rear-wheel drive in this bike - a system of gear shafts. That is, the entire width of the interior of the rear wheels bear cutters and drive - 2 small shaft, which, in turn, the excavation site. This scheme is distantly recalls the clock mechanism. Of course, the Italians in the design of strong (probably why the Germans and allowed them to draw a body, and the technical part of the deal for yourself).

But it raises a question for - why the chopper? Lamborghini - first of all sports, power, and then to "Gran Turismo". This point of view priderzhyvaetsya Romanian designer (already sounds funny) Laurentiu Trifescu. He created his vision of sportbike from "bull" - Lamborghini V4 1000 Caramelo. Judging the name implies, it is assumed V4 engine placement volume in thousand cubic meters. In the same variant clearly seen through Lamborghini Gallardo, coupled with MV Agusta F4. Unfortunately, nodescribe the technical designer is not provided.

Which one is better, "Italian" and "Romanians" - judge for yourself, but to compare the custom chopper and sportbike - anyway, that cheese and ... Coca-Cola. They're both great! Known only 2 things: 1) in Romania is there are designers 2) in the series, none of them will not go ... Although, in this world everything is possible.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dance - Just Doing What Comes Naturally (15 pics)

Dance - Just Doing What Comes Naturally -
Human beings probably danced even before there was a word for it. Rhythmic bodily movement is instinctive. It connects people, even if unconsciously, to the rhythms of nature. The grounded movement is notably different from ballet's upward lift - itself in relation to western melodic forms. Dance is a form of expression that supersedes verbal language; it is possible to convey far more meaning in a sweeping gesture than a simple phrase. Dance springs from a human desire for personal expression and social connection. and it feels good.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eva Longoria In Herve Leger.

A couple of days ago, i saw a picture of Eva Longoria in the desperate housewives set wearing a herve Leger green dress that is perfect for spring. It looked really cute and pretty, so here are the details:

Unfortunately I couldnt find a picture of Eva wearing it, but i was able to get a picture of the dress:

The designer is Herve Leger, and the dress is called : Sleeveless Houndstooth Dress. I am absolutely in love and i think this dress is so spring!

Get The Exact Look - Kim Kardashian In Paris! x

Blazers with mini dresses has been listed as my favorite 2010 trend, and i still love it and would like to see more of it in 2011.

Anyways, here's another get the look for my favorite fashion icon, Kim Kardashian.

1) Christian Louboutin Kathena calf hair clutch.

2) YSL Tribute Platform Pumps.
Buy It

3) Jacket : Antonio Berardi jacket.

4) Dress : Myne (Unavailable Online)

Source: Celebrity Style Guide.

New Dress Designs By My Sister : Salsabil :)

Not alot of you know that my sister named Salsabil (Two years older than me) has an amazing fashion design and art talent that i am extremely proud of! She just found these designs that she said she did a while ago, but she only found them now! and i am already in love with these designs.

The six designs above consist of mainly short dresses, but do have one longer dress with a very unique angelic design that i'm loving. It could actually be bridal if it was real ;)

These designs are owned by Salsabil only, and i wanted to post them in my blog just to show you guys a few of her designs, because i believe that she is gifted and i want to know your responces. She has alot of other designs that i will not post for the reason that design theft could ocure.

What do you think of them?

If you are intrested in her designs please contact me by sending me an email to

Spring For Spring! Best Pieces For Spring!

hello x

Finally, its time to add some color into our everyday outfits! because we are getting ready for spring!!!

I was checking out and found some great deals for sprin in the fashion/style section, so i wanted to show you guys some of my favorite outfits that i found at glamour (for spring) and where to find them :) .. so keep reading & looking x

This pretty/cute spring dress is arriving at Primark stores in February, with an amazing price of  £15 only!

these sunglasses are so spring! I love their colour. You can buy these on March at for £12

and here's a dress to go with these sunglasses, from (for  £75)

And what's more spring that a classic spring hat!

This is also from for £20 , and is called the Straw Boater.

We will surely see more blazers in 2011!!! which is something that i love <3 ...

This blazer (above) is arriving at Zara stores on late february, for £79.99.

This dress is also cute,

This is a dress from Oasis which will be available in March for £65

Since its all about lace and creamy colours, i had to add this dress to this list!

This is arriving in Repbulic stores in February for £34.99 .


Spring is not all about being sweet and cute, you need some dangerous looking outfits too from time to time, and this studded leather jacket will give you that!!
This jacket is from Warehouse stores and it arriving late march! PRICE:£250
Dont forget the shoes!! The platform heels from H&M are amazing with great olive green color :) The price of this heel is ; £29.99
This dress is probably my favorite so far! It will soon be in Mango stores for  £79.90
Flats will play a massive role too in spring, here are some geogious flats by Kurt Geiger that will arive late February for  £55 . They are called : Maccalister Neon Sandals
 This dress here is a new item at the French Connection stores. It is with a price of £120 .

Oh, and i almost forgot the trench coat! This grey trench is by banana republic for £350 .