Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lovin Katy Perry's Nicolas Jebran dress!

So Katy Perry attended the Clive Davis's pre-Grammy gala with an amazing Nicolas Jebran haute couture dress that im in love with already <3 ..

KATY PERRY  photo | Katy Perry

She paired it up with Jimmy Choo heels, Adeler earrings and ring, Sutra bracelets and Judith Leiber clutch.

what do you guys think about the look?

The details of my favorite Grammy Awards looks!

So, yesterday (i think) i posted my favorite looks from the 2011 Grammy Awards! ..

And here are the details of every single outfit i liked, with everything you guys need to know! ..

Let's begin now!
(If you want to look at the full outfit, look at my previous post with all my favorite 2011 grammy looks)

Kim Kardashian

Earrings: Lorraine Schwartz hoops

Lorraine Schwartz yellow diamond and platinum snake cuff
Jennifer Lopez
Slightly brown smokey eye, with dramatic lashes and nude lips.
Jewelry: Amazing $97,500 Cartier platinum and diamond art deco dangling earrings
Glamourous $25,500 Cartier white gold, diamond and onyx spot ring, paired with a Metallic textured Daniel Swarovski clutch
Christian Louboutin spiked "Very Mix" pumps



Jewelry: Ippolita 18-karat "Rock Candy" drop earrings in brown shell.

Rimes paired her gorgeous engagement ring with Amrapali golden bangles

Selena Gomez


Going with bright lips, Selena Gomez wore Lorraine Schwartz champagne and white diamond earrings.


Keeping her jewels classic ;) .. she wore two Lorraine Schwartz diamond bracelets


Her clutch matched her golden dress, the clutch was a Judith Leiber clutch

Kelly Osbourne


Im so loving her light make up in here!! Her jewels were also very glamourous and catchy! She wore Forevermark diamond earrings with her gorgeous Tadashi Shoji gown.

Her shoes finished off the look perfectly, she rocked a silver studded peep-toe pumps.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My December 2010 / January 2011 Favorite perfumes

So, i have always wanted to show you guys my favorite perfumes of  2010, but then i realized that my favorites didnt really change this year! I know its still the begining of the year, but im not the type that likes changing favorite stuff! especially perfumes, i like sticking to the ones im used to.

But, at the end of 2010 i did get new perfumes that i never got before and now im listing them as my favorites because i am absolutely in love with them <3

So, let's ago ahead and start!

I'm starting off with this one, which is an arabic perfume that i've had for really really long time, and i use it rarely! And now it's kind of finishing but i am deffo intending on getting a new one (if i find a store that sell it) .. anyways,

My mum gave me this perfume just to keep it on my handbag for emergency! lol , and i fell in love with it, and now im scared of finishing it,

It's called : Sultan White

This next one is also a perfume that i have had since like, forever!! and i regularly keep buying it. I am not a big fan of it's smell but it seems to stay in clothes and good for like everyday use for school, or work !

The name of it is : It's delicious, and it's extremely cheap and available like everywhere!

I am into really flowery kind of smells right now, so this next one should be like the number one of the list, This is flowerbomb by Victor and Rolf, and i am amazed by it! I will deffinetly get this one once again, because i kind of over used it for school, and it finished :( sadly!

I am in love with the packaging it's super cute <3 I have blogged about this one before!

Versace perfumes have always been a hit for me! and this next one is a one that i recently started using, and im already loving it <3 ..

This is White Crystal by Versace, and it has this amaizng flowery kind of smell, but not that flowery! and the smell is cold and amazing for like anything <3

Time for Nina Ricci ..

The first time i smellt this perfume was with a friend of mine, and i loved it so i thought i would buy it for myself, time then went by! and i totally forgot about it, then on a Dubai trip, i bought it with a really good price <3

This is called Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci, and it's like my favorite perfume of all time <3 this is another one that i should buy once more !

This one is by    and i wear it very very rarely, just on occasions. It's not that strong so don't get the wrong idea, i just dont find it good for everyday, but I thought it is good enough to be on my favorites list.

this one's called Incanto bliss by Salvatore Ferragamo
I love salvatore Ferragamo, i love their handbags too <3 and sunglasses.

So these are my December/January favorites, I do have other perfumes that i find really great, and i will do a simple post about those at a later date :)

So, for now,

Cya l8r!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

My favorite Looks from the Grammys!

OMG, I can't believe i missed the grammy's last night, such a pain!


I managed to find the different styles that celebs wore from people.com, and here are my favorites:

Jennifer Lopez

Selena Gomez

Kim Kardashian

Leann Rimes


KELLY OSBOURNE   photo | Kelly Osbourne

Happy Valentines Day :)

Happy Valentines Day everybody! ..

i hope you all celebrate the day with all your loved ones :) <3 ..

I just wanna say that I love you guys ! x



Paris Hilton Spotted at Anastasia Salon in Beverly Hills (10 pics)

Paris Hilton Spotted at Anastasia Salon in Beverly Hills -
Looking glamorous as usual. Paris Hilton was spotted arriving at Anastasia salon in Beverly Hills, and the heiress looked like she was about to be swept away by the breeze when she pulled up in her baby blue Bentley. Maybe she was a little bit anxious about her appointment? After all, we're guessing she's getting more than just her eyebrows waxed.

Rose McGowan Airport Departure Candids at LAX (8 pics)

Rose McGowan Airport Departure Candids at LAX -
Rose McGowan prepares to depart LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) looking simply stunning. As she gets out of her limo she beckons a photographer over to help her with her massive luggage.

Lovin' ASOS.com :) ..

ASOS.com is like the coolest shopping website that i recently got addicted to.

I love internet shopping and looking at different random products through the internet, and ASOS.com got added to my favorite internet website <3 , alongside net-a-porter.com

I think you guys should check it out, their dresses are amazing <3

1,486 Views on Me & salsabil's Stick Wit You cover!


I posted about two months ago a video of me and my sister (Salsabil) singing a cover of Stick wit you by the pussycat dolls, and i am so happy, because today when i logged into my youtube channel, i found out that i have 1,486 views on that video, and honestly i didnt think that we would reach 100 views! .. this is great <3

If you want to listen to the cover, you should check out my youtube channe:

I will start uploading more exciting things on my youtube channel, so SUBSCRIBE if you have a youtube account ;) ..

Video coming on the way soon ...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Day is, TOMORROW!!

Hey there!

OMG, it's already the 13th of February, Tomorrow is VALENTINES DAY!, 

Time for some valentines day outfit ideas and make up! ...

Unlike me, some of you are celebrating this valentines day with your special someone, but i will just try to enjoy tomorrow with the family, and girlfriends ;)

Firstly, i would like to wish you all a happy Valentines day, and may you all spend the day being happy with all the people you love <3 ..

Now, let's get into business....

1) No need to wear red and hearts.

Well, some girls go crazy about valentines day, and start wearing all kinda red stuff! well that is way too much, and you should also know that your bf is probably not into valentines day as much as you are!! so don't go crazy with red and hearts on your outfits.

If you are going on a casual date, maybe you should consider wearing something normal and casual like:

Or maybe, you can add a bit of red (if you're really insisting) to your nails, red nails are always a hit!

or red lips! Just like what christina aguilera does or gwen stephanie, puts on a casual look and adds red lips to it!

2) If You're Into Classics!

LBD's will always symbolize classics! If you're the type that loves dressing up a little, then don't hesitate to pick up that LBD and twist your hair up or something, to make the look more chick! ..

Red lips could be added to an LBD, or red nail polish.

3) T-shirts are not that bad!


If you are going to lounge around and watch a movie for valentines day, make yourself comfortable and wear something that you will be relaxed with. It is a special day for you afterall, so you should be feeling your best when you're with your special someone. If you special someone is a great person, they would make you feel loved no matter how you look.

4) Polka Dot dress, should be one of you options!

I spoke about how to wear polka dots, and dresses was part of the list! Well, guys LOVE polka dotted dresses, so maybe you should pick up a polka dotted dress this time.

5) It's all about short dresses.

Guys tend to also love simple short sundresses, so if your date is more casual, and more about fun, then maybe you should get a sundress, and honestly, they're avilable everywhere!! I personally love sundresses.

6) Perfect Shoes!

Eye catching shoes are essential! If you're going to dress down on your outfit, then maybe you should add colourful shoes that are eye catchy! <3 There's nothing like the Jimmy Choo cruise collection :)

7) More Dresses!

Little white dresses (or beige/nude) are perfect for valentines day, and once again i repeat, you dont really need to go crazy about red in the 14th of feb! Guys love dresses, so maybe you should wear one in this special day <3

8) Go Solid!

Guys tend to like classics, so maybe you should go solid with colours, and choose only one classy colour (like the dress shown above).

9) Jeggings or Leggings.

Black jeggings/leggings with black heels are also a hit! so again, if you have a night out date with your special man, then wear those jeggings!

10) Time for skirts!

Don't underestimate skirts, they are on the list of the outfits that guys love <3 ..

Fitted skirts with heels are a great combo!

11) Whatever!

Finally, the easiest thing to do, is to pick up whatever you feel you're best in! Guys have no problem with that ! <3

I am sorry for posting this way too late, i honestly forgot about valentines day! ><" which is abnormal , hehe!

So hope i benefited you, and have fun!