Friday, February 11, 2011

How to wear Polka Dots?!

Hey there ;)

About a week ago, i thought of this new post that i can tell you guys, that would be fashion related, but a bit different that what i normally post about.

I normally find it hard to style polka dots, but i do find it pretty fashionable when people wear polka dots, they're just way too hard for me to style. So, today, i want to show you the ways that i think polka dots should be worn! You can totally go on and style them the way you want to , i am just giving you some advice or ideas on how to wear them

As i said earlier, i find it hard to style them, but i did manage to find a few items that can be polka dotted.

Lets start with the classics, Polka Dotted Dresses.

Belts with Polka Dotted dresses are a hit! They are always trendy ;) especially for spring.

Secondly, Polka Dotted Tops can also be fashionable, if you know how to wear them.

If we look at this Etoile Isabel Marant Benett metallic silk-chiffon top (Available in, you will see how cute polka dotted tops can be:

Etoile Isabel Marant 

Etoile Isabel Marant 

As seen on the model, this top has been paired up with a plain black pants, which is great! polka dots would look crazy if you pair them with something with patterns or too colorful :) .. so if you are looking for a polka dotted top, whatever colour it is, you should probably wear it with something plain.

Polka dotted ruffled tops or silk tops, will look great with maybe a cardigan (if you want to cover up slightly) or a blazer. Nude pumps are also a must have if you're into polka dotte tops.

Moving on into shoes,

Miu Miu 
Miu Miu Polka-dot satin-twill sandals

These heels above, will look gorgeous if you like showing off your shoes, and love making your shoes stand out! they would look amazxing for summer of spring, as they are extremely colorful :) ..

If you are going to wear something similar to the heels on top, please do not pair it up with something identical like this:

Miu Miu 

That would look plain stupid :(

 and, if you're looking for polka dotted shoes, please avoid this type:


Unless you want to play dress up :P ..

 Hang on a sec, i totally forgot one more type.

Some people may not be a huge fan of polka dots, then this is when partial polka dots step in.

If you look at this play suit:

Paul & Joe Sister 

You probably spotted that the belt is polka dotted,

Paul & Joe Sister 

This way, you can wear polka dots, but not feel too spotty! If you get what i mean.

These are really the tips that i can give you,, i hope that in the future i will provide more info regarding pola dots and how to wear them, but untill then, c u! x mwaah

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