Thursday, February 3, 2011

How To Apply Bronzer! (The Perfect Way)

It's time for some bronzing!!!

Well i know bronzer is most used in the summer, but i honeslty love bronzing up all the time. I have a kind of tanned bu pale skin, that needs bronzing from time to time. So when it's cold and theres alot of breez and cold air, my skin gets so pale and dry, so bronzing becomes an essential.

Today, i will go with you step by step, on how to apply bronzer.

Well firsf of all, you guys should know that when it comes to applying bronzer, you need to find bronzer that has no shimmer whatsoever, so you should be looking for matte bronzer, such as:

Mac bronzing Powder

Smashbox Bronzer

Well, alot of girls out there apply bronzer in a wrong way, where they end up looking burnts, of way too orange!


So, how should you apply bronzer?

 1) Get the perfect Brush

Mac 150

2) Know where to apply your bronzer.

Bronzer should be applied on the top of your eye brows, which makes your forehead looks kind of smaller, and the bronz colour would look more natural, because that is where the sun normally hits.

The bronzer should also be applied underneath the cheek apples.

If you look at the way Kim kardashian aplies her bronzer, she does it underneeth her cheek apples to enhance her cheek bones and make her face seem and look thinner.

The correct technique to do the bronzer is to apply it starting from next to the ears and going back to under the apples of the cheeks :)

To end the bronzing process:

2) choose apropriate blush to finish off the bronzed up look.

You should blend in the bronzer with a blush to finish off the look. Because if you apply the blush alone, it will look too fake, and if you apply the bronzer alone, it would probably look too orange!!

If you understand arabic, you should watch this video of joelle explaining this whole process:

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