Monday, February 14, 2011

My December 2010 / January 2011 Favorite perfumes

So, i have always wanted to show you guys my favorite perfumes of  2010, but then i realized that my favorites didnt really change this year! I know its still the begining of the year, but im not the type that likes changing favorite stuff! especially perfumes, i like sticking to the ones im used to.

But, at the end of 2010 i did get new perfumes that i never got before and now im listing them as my favorites because i am absolutely in love with them <3

So, let's ago ahead and start!

I'm starting off with this one, which is an arabic perfume that i've had for really really long time, and i use it rarely! And now it's kind of finishing but i am deffo intending on getting a new one (if i find a store that sell it) .. anyways,

My mum gave me this perfume just to keep it on my handbag for emergency! lol , and i fell in love with it, and now im scared of finishing it,

It's called : Sultan White

This next one is also a perfume that i have had since like, forever!! and i regularly keep buying it. I am not a big fan of it's smell but it seems to stay in clothes and good for like everyday use for school, or work !

The name of it is : It's delicious, and it's extremely cheap and available like everywhere!

I am into really flowery kind of smells right now, so this next one should be like the number one of the list, This is flowerbomb by Victor and Rolf, and i am amazed by it! I will deffinetly get this one once again, because i kind of over used it for school, and it finished :( sadly!

I am in love with the packaging it's super cute <3 I have blogged about this one before!

Versace perfumes have always been a hit for me! and this next one is a one that i recently started using, and im already loving it <3 ..

This is White Crystal by Versace, and it has this amaizng flowery kind of smell, but not that flowery! and the smell is cold and amazing for like anything <3

Time for Nina Ricci ..

The first time i smellt this perfume was with a friend of mine, and i loved it so i thought i would buy it for myself, time then went by! and i totally forgot about it, then on a Dubai trip, i bought it with a really good price <3

This is called Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci, and it's like my favorite perfume of all time <3 this is another one that i should buy once more !

This one is by    and i wear it very very rarely, just on occasions. It's not that strong so don't get the wrong idea, i just dont find it good for everyday, but I thought it is good enough to be on my favorites list.

this one's called Incanto bliss by Salvatore Ferragamo
I love salvatore Ferragamo, i love their handbags too <3 and sunglasses.

So these are my December/January favorites, I do have other perfumes that i find really great, and i will do a simple post about those at a later date :)

So, for now,

Cya l8r!


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