Monday, September 6, 2010

Riveting thoughts, and other lies

It's about time I update this shit with some edge-of-the-seat riveting thoughts.

Went to see Piranha 3D. It may be too early to cast the vote, since I still have yet to see Scott Pilgrim, The Last Exorcism (Have you seen the chatroulette video promo? Wow... at first I was unsure of this movie, until I read more about it. Definitely stoked to see it.), and Machete. But yeah, P-3D: MOVIE OF THE YEAR. Way better than the original (sorry Joe Dante!). It was like every 80's B horror death scene orgasm in one movie. GAH!!!

Also, if you haven't already seen it, check out Mother. It was really moving, which I don't say often. I enjoyed it.

There are rumors of a new Evil Dead movie, and an Evil Dead remake!? If the rumors weren't also that Sam Raimi is still on board for both, I'd probably feel a little queasy over it. Man, do I love Sam Raimi.

They're coming out with a Jeepers Creepers 3? I don't know what it is about that series, but it freaks me out. I can't watch that shit. I remember seeing the first one with my lil' sis. During one of the terrifying scenes, the power in our house went out, and I may or may not have started crying. I had to sleep on the floor of her room all night... I was twenty years old for clarification.

Speaking of crying, things that almost made me recently:

- Missing Eli Roth's Q&A at Festival of Fear this summer.
- Accidentally dying my hair really dark (almost black) over the roots that have taken me almost a year to grow out. (I know, shed a private tear for me. No one's looking.)

Things I'm looking forward to:

- MOVING! To Montreal! In approx 3 weeks. The Summer of Exile has almost come to an end! I'm so excited; dirt cheap rent, cutest apartment, and there is an awesome market nearby. As well as tons of sleazy looking strip joints. Life is great! It will be so nice to be re-united with my DVD collection (BUFFY, I MISS YOU!), comics, and clothes that aren't a bagged-out grey t-shirt, and stained blue jeans.

... Well I guess that's about it!

Things for you to check out:
- JACLYN's new site
- RORY's new paintings
- Look I know, I know, I don't even like anime, except sometimes I do. But just to add another layer to my disgusting obsession, there is going to be a Supernatural anime. Yes. Punch me the next time you hear me talking about this show.
- SANDMAN may become a TV show!!!?!?!?!!!
- Some comics I want to read; always awesome Steve Niles' upcoming Edge of Doom, I still have yet to read Wilson (what kind of a superfan am I?), and this webcomic that I've grown to really enjoy, The Zombie Hunters, is being published.
- HAIR HIGH!. Now on sale at Bill Plympton's website. I've been waiting a pretty long time for this. I'm so glad it's finally available for purchase.

I guess that's it.
Oh yeah, and I saw a baby bear in our hundred-acre backyard today.


Peace out y'all!

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