Monday, November 1, 2010

More Illustrations

A couple more illustrations from some of my favorite movies. I kind of can't stop doing it now. Does this count as fan art? Should I be embarrassed? A couple more to come later this week.

This one is from Return of the Living Dead... I just really wanted to draw Linnea Quigley's ass, and since you see a lot of it throughout the movie, I felt it was relevant.

This one is from Night of the Comet.

I guess maybe two of you are wondering what happened to my online comic. I needed breathing space from it. I spent over eight months writing it as a novel, and then haphazardly began throwing it together as a comic. Which wasn't a good idea. I originally started it to learn how to write, with the intention of always turning it into a comic. However it became it's own monster, and now I have to do a severe amount of pruning.

While I've been away from Wilder, I've been working on two other comic scripts, their layouts, and final pages. I'm really excited about both of them, and can't wait to post something when they're more finalized.

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